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When you book The Bloom Folk you are not just paying for 'just flowers'.

You're also paying for all the behind the scenes.

That includes 3am market trips, relationships with growers for premium products, studio space, Insurance, tools, staff, site inspections, days of conditioning and prepping product, delivery, travel, consulting, admin, researching, expertise and late night bump-outs.

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We have a minimum fee of $290 that is added to all quotes to cover the cost of flower market visits, parking, tolls, and travel to and from your venue.

$290 - applies to Central Coast, Hunter Valley, and Lake Macquarie regions.

$390 - applies to Sydney and Newcastle.


Beyond will be custom quoted on distance.

$100 - 1 Hour Venue Site Inspection Fee ( Unless we have not been to the venue before, in which case this is complementary)

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A standard bump-out fee of $300 applies to all quotes to cover costs of post-event pack-down, waste removal, and cleaning.

Should your venue require a late-night bump out

(10pm -1am) an increased fee of $400 is applicable


Please note that most venues require a bump-out immediately after your reception finishes or have very strict time frames for a bump-out so please check with your venue for details.


If you (the couple) are happy to be responsible for all packing down after your wedding, removal of waste, cleaning, and can return all vases, structures, and hired items to our studio, this fee will not apply so please advise us at the time of enquiry.

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Labour and staffing requirements will be calculated based on the unique elements of your proposal.


Ensuring we have enough hands on deck to bring your floral vision to life is an essential requirement for our business. Our standard rate is $45 per hour per staff member with a minimum of 10 hours.


Calculation example:

Bloom cost $2,500 + Travel, Delivery Set Up $290 + Standard Bump Out $300 + Labour $450 = $3,540 + GST

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