Why you don’t need to waste your valuable wedding planning time PRICE shopping - Let me tell you why

It’s only natural to want to shop around when it comes to buying just about anything. If I’m buying a dress, you better believe I’m looking all over the place to see where I can get it at the best price. But that’s because I’m comparing an🍏 with the same 🍏across different stores.

When it comes to wedding florists, yes you still need to do your research because we are all very different. Different in style, level of knowledge, location, aesthetic, business ethic, level of service, personality, and yes, in price - However, you are comparing fruit salad.🍓🍊🍎🍉🍌🍏🍇

What you should be shopping around for is finding a florist whose work you love, you resonate with their style and connect with their personality. If they don’t hit the brief - don’t waste your time asking for a quote.

Find this person and they will help you spend your money wisely and create the wedding flowers of your dreams ~ I promise you this is PRICELESS.




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